Proprietary brand for a unique technology - effective and economical, environmentally friendly solution! A modified technology from the second generation developments, offering a cost-effective and professionally high-standard solution from residential buildings to complex industrial facilities for the protection of constructed structures and the valuable assets kept in them for 14 years now.

Owing to Exoline® hydrophobic additive, horizontally laid sheet lining to prevent capillary groundwater absorption can be spared, similarly to the use of other auxiliary materials (spreadable film, bitumen- and other plastic-based sheets) in full or part, and therefore it considerably reduces the risks, costs and time of construction!

What is the Exoline® ?


14 years of professional experience for the benefit of customers.

Exoline® Aqua Stop

A universal, hydrophobic, concentrated active substance water and vapor binding product produced by nanotechnology.

Exoline® Oil Stop

Nanotechnology-produced universal, hydrophobic, concentrated active oil absorber and 100% water-repellent product family.

Exoline® Machine and decice purchase

Depending on the needs of the activity, we help you prepare all documents, request a quote and procure the complete asset.

Exoline® Guidance

We provide our partners with professional advice, not only in finding applications, but also in writing the application.

Exoline® Project management

We help you complete a successful project From the beginning to the end of the project, we stand by you for success.


14 Years of Experience

The Exoline ® Aqua Stop product family contains solely natural base materials, and therefore poses no hazards on health! This material does not become released from the constructed structure, nor does it contaminate the environment when the structure is demolished.

For long, it ensures surfaces that are free from salt, saltpetre and mould! Due to its high water vapour diffusion permeability, it continuously ventilates the walls, and thereby promotes the evaporation of water from wall structures!

As a result of its hydrophobic property, it enhances the effectiveness of insulation, and its use is expedient whenever it is important to dry out the walls of the building or create watertight structures with reliance on some simple, quick and durable solution.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, unlike cement, mixed plasters that are supplied in paper bag for instant use and concrete products, this additive does not bind vapour and water, and therefore it remains suitable for use for long times (minimum 3 years) after prolonged storage.

By replacing old-fashioned materials, devices that are more difficult to apply with the new and light Exoline® Aqua Stop systems, one can contribute to the reduction of hazardous material release, the quick and long-term management of environmental contamination, the creation of lasting architectural complexes. Its application is cost-efficient, does not require any additional professional knowledge!

The Exoline® Aqua Stop product family is compatible with all the commercially available cement-based construction products! It can be used separately, as specified in our own formulation, or in mixture with such materials of any other manufacturer (including well-known brands) as.