Waterproof Additive

Exoline® Aqua Stop A+


Exoline® Aqua Stop A+ nanotechnology (universal, hydrophobic, additive) 2.4 kg concentrated active ingredient.

For the formulation of high strength hydraulically bonded, interior and exterior Insulation - Wall Drying - and Fire Resistant renders.

Finished plaster components:

  • 25 kg - Portlant cement (32/II or 42/II) composite

  • 140 kg - Sand (0,5-1,25 mm)

  • 2,4 kg - Exoline® Aqua Stop A+

  • Consumption: 15 - 16 kg dry mortar /m2/ cm

  • Water demand: approx. 34-38 litres

Can be used independently based on our formula or mixed with the products of other manufacturers (including acclaimed brands), such as:

  • manual base plasters, machine-applied base plasters, plaster coatings, footing plasters, masonry mortars, pre-sprayers, etc.
  • construction adhesives, tile adhesives, Gres adhesives, Flex adhesives, EPS polystyrene adhesives, thermo adhesives, etc.
  • gypsum plasters, fillers and other cement-based powders

Product properties:

  • Plaster of hydraulic bonding for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is supplied in ready-mixed form and needs to be mixed only with water.
  • It is easy and quick to integrate.
  • Surfaces made with the use of Exoline® can be directly covered in tile cladding.
  • It is suitable for the application of plaster on the facades of new buildings and the follow-up repair works (insulation) of older buildings alike.

Composition: Exoline® additive. Contains aggregate to facilitate adhesion and other property enhancers

Specific weight: 0.65l/kg

Specific surface: 25m2/g

Placement time: approx. 2 hours

Drying time: sets in approx. 24 hours at 20°C depending on weather conditions

Physical state: powder

Colour: grey

Mixing instructions: I.

Formula recommended by EXOLINE®: mix 25kg cement+ 2.4kg Exoline Aqua Stop+ 140kg sand. Result: ~ 168kg ~ 11m2/1cm (plaster ready for use)

  • First: Use a mixing tub to mix 25kg cement and 2.4kg Exoline® Aqua Stop A+ supplied in one plastic bag until you get a homogenous mixture. (Recommended cement grades to achieve proper quality: 42.5/II composite in winter and 32.5/II composite in summer.)

Next step subject to quality:

  • Second: Mix 1 volume (shovel) of cement mixed with Exoline® additive and (as required) 3 - 4 volumes (shovels) of "general" clay- and sludge-free sand (available from builder depots or quarries). Apply standard procedure and repeat "DRY" dosing for approx. 3 - 6 minutes depending on the quality of the cement mixer to get a homogeneous mixture. To obtain excellent quality, use dried, sorted sand with a particle size of 1.25 mm.
  • Third: After dry mixing, mix the dry plaster with water. Water quantity: as normally used (0.5 volume of mixing water will give approx. 5 - 6 litres). Mix for min. 3 - 6 minutes to get a lump-free mixture.

Mixing instructions: II.

  • Add Exoline® Aqua Stop A+ additive to the available factory-mixed base plaster supplied by any manufacturer in 25kg bags. Etc. 1 bag /25kg/ + 40dkg ~ 2dl (tea mug) additive. 2,4kg additive is to be mixed with 5 bags (25kg each) of base plaster.
  • Mix the ingredients for 3 - 5 minutes "DRY" to get a homogenous mixture. To prevent the release of dust it is recommended to pour one or two litres of water into the mixer.
  • After dry mixing, mix the dry plaster with water. Water quantity: as normally used (approx. 0.5 volume of mixing water). Mix for min. 3 - 6 minutes to get a lump-free mixture.