Pre-mixed Render

Exoline® Aqua Stop B+B


Ready-to-use, factory-premixed, hydraulic-bonding, vapour-tight, watertight and fire-resistant dry mortar in the form of powder, with cement and lime as bonding agents, including additives.)

The Exoline® Aqua Stop B+B dry mortar has strong watertight and water-repellent (hydrophobic) properties, and is therefore suitable for insulation against water pressure on both the positive and negative sides. After mixing with water, it is an excellent choice for the plastering of outdoor and indoor surfaces of brick, concrete, quarry stone, cob and combined masonry.

Product properties:

  • Plaster of hydraulic bonding for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is supplied in ready-mixed form and needs to be mixed only with water.
  • It is easy and quick to integrate.
  • Surfaces made with the use of Exoline® can be directly covered in tile cladding.
  • It is suitable for the application of plaster on the facades of new buildings and the follow-up repair works (insulation) of older buildings alike.

Fields of application:

  • Water tightness of old and newly constructed buildings, residential units, industrial facilities, basement walls, balconies, underground garages, tunnels, wastewater shafts, wastewater storage shafts, other wastewater storage facilities, water reservoirs, firewater reservoirs, depressed water tanks, bathrooms, showers, gas storage units, clarifying tanks, garden ponds, basins, service shafts, pickling tanks, etc.
  • It can be effectively applied in the case of any deficiency, defect of wall insulation against soil vapours, soil humidity, corrected water service engineering issues, for insulation against water pressure on both the positive and negative side;
  • It can be applied under and over the insulation line, on both external and internal sides;
  • It is suitable for the insulation of constructed structures, building parts against seeping water, groundwater, sanitary water, as well as the external and internal plastering of bottom plates, pillars, concrete, brick, quarry stone, cob and combined walls in a minimum thickness of 2.5 cm.