Waterproof Additive

Exoline® Aqua Stop C+


Exoline® Aqua Stop C+ nanotechnology (universal, hydrophobic admixture) 1,6kg - natural based, "vapour and water barrier" - nanotechnology concrete admixture
High strength hydraulically bonded, for the preparation of indoor and outdoor waterproofing - anti-freeze - fire resistant, concretes.

0.2 m3 waterproof concrete:

  • 50 kg - Portland cement (32/II or 42/II) composite

  • 360 kg - Spread

  • 1,6 kg - Exoline® Aqua Stop C+

  • Consumption: 25 kg kb. 1,5 m2-re sufficient 1 cm thick

  • Water demand: approx. 68-72 litres

After mixing with water, the "concrete" made from the additive is suitable for the construction and reconstruction of the wearing and load-bearing surfaces of old and new, interior and exterior concrete surfaces to serve as the blinding or filling layers of concrete. Suitable for the construction of high-strength watertight layers without gaps and cracks. Advantages in comparison with conventional floor screed concrete: light, frost-resistant, watertight, heat-resistant with excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.

Fields of application:

Construction and reconditioning of old and newly-constructed basements, basement floors, bases, pavements, light floor structures, balconies, rooms exposed to water, flat roofs, green roofs, underground parking garages, garages, tunnels. For the watertight and frost-resistant construction of general concrete, building layers of concrete, base concrete for floor heating, thin bases, form blocks, sustaining walls, foundations, floor structures, crowning, pillars, stairs, surfaces exposed to weather and concrete pavement.

An important aspect is that the use of this product can replace other systems such as heavy sheets, plastic film, spreadable insulating materials and other technological solutions, which all increase the risk, cost and time of construction.

Can be used independently based on our formula or mixed with the products of other manufacturers (including acclaimed brands), such as:

  • Concrete: C4, C6, C8, C12, C16, C20, C25, C30
  • Cement floor screeds 20 - 30, cement floor screeds C-30 - C-25
  • Self-levelling screeds for interior and exterior use 3 -15mm - 5 -20mm
  • Base and wall screeds
  • Dry concrete - Flex concrete - Repair and screed concrete

Surfaces created using Exoline® Aqua Stop C+ can be directly covered with tiles.

Type of the product: Manufactured hydrophobic additive in powder form.

Product properties - Advantages:

  • Resistance to water, weather impacts and frost.
  • For floors of hydraulic binding - Outdoor and indoor composition floors, in minimum 3-4 cm layer thickness depending on the design.
  • It is easy and quick to integrate.
  • Excellent wear resistance, as well as resistance to frost, oils and radiating heat.

Composition: Exoline® additive. Contains aggregate to facilitate adhesion and other property enhancing additives.

  • Specific weight: 0.65l/kg
  • Specific surface: 25m2/g
  • Placement time: approx. 2 hours
  • Drying time: sets in approx. 24 hours at 20°C depending on weather conditions
  • Physical state: powder
  • Colour: grey

Mixing instructions: I.

Formula recommended by EXOLINE®: 50kg cement + 1.6kg Exoline Aqua Stop + 380kg gravel+ ~34 litres water

  • First use a mixing tub to mix 50kg cement and one 1.6kg plastic bag of Exoline® Aqua Stop C+ until you get a homogenous mixture. (Recommended cement grades to achieve proper quality: 42.5/II composite in winter and 32.5/II composite in summer),

Next step subject to quality:

  • Mix 1 volume (shovel) of cement mixed with Exoline® additive and 3 volumes (shovels) of clay- and sludge-free gravel (grain size: ~ 0.5 - 1.25 - 2.5 mm) "DRY" for approx. 3 - 5 minutes depending on the quality of the cement mixer. After dry mixing, mix the dry concrete with water. Water quantity: 0.5 volume of mixing water as normally used (8-9 litres of water for ~100kg). Mix for min. 3 - 6 minutes to get a lump-free mixture.

Mixing instructions: II.

  • First: Mix the ingredients "DRY" in a concrete mixer with a capacity of one or more barrows by adding one measuring cup (1dl) or (~20dkg) of Exoline® Aqua Stop C+ to each 25kg bag of commercially available dry concrete produced by any manufacturer. The content of the bag (1.6kg) is sufficient for adding to ~ 8 bags of 25kg product.
  • Second: Mix the ingredients "DRY" for 3 -5 minutes to get a homogeneous mixture.
  • After dry mixing, mix the dry concrete with water. Water quantity: as normally used (approx. 0.5 volume of mixing water). Mix for min. 3 - 6 minutes to get a lump-free mixture. Simple preparation, user-friendly placement.