Exoline Oil Stop 1l

Oil absorbent. 100% water repellent.

Chemical-free, oil-binding, hydrophobic powder. Excellent for the removal and neutralization of oil products (crude oil, motor oil, diesel oil, petrol, vegetable oils and other oil industry products) and oil contamination from both solid covers and water surfaces.

The product is suitable for absorbing the following contamination types: crude oil, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, machine oils, hydraulic oil, cooking oils, several organic thinners or their mixtures.

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Areas of use

  • For oil refineries: neutralization of ground water contamination and cleaning of oil tanks
  • Neutralization of oil pollution by ships (inside or outside the ship)
  • Disaster prevention in the case of damage to oil tankers
  • For mines: purification of ground water (oily water is flammable and explosive)
  • Neutralization of oil spills and leaks in factories, neutralization of oil pollution in harbours
  • The product's high pH value (8-12) makes it suitable for the neutralization of acidic surface waters.

Instructions for use: After removing the top protective cover (cap), pour the contents of the paper tube (or other container) onto the oil stain from a height of approx. 50-60 (for spreading, use suitable metallic, wooden or plastic tools, or a shovel). Recommended dosing: 1 kg additive is required for 1 litre oil. After a few seconds, simply sweep it up. The process of using the material is similar for all package sizes.

Storage: No extreme storage conditions.

Uses advised against: Not suitable for strong oxidizers, e.g. organic peroxides, hydrogen peroxides (30%), as well as concentrated sulphur, perchloric acid, nitric acid.

General properties:

  • Material: based on natural raw materials
  • Absorbing capacity: 95% subject to the circumstances
  • Colour: white
  • Physical state: powder
  • Spread: 1kg Exoline Oil Stop for 1 litre oil
  • Due to its basicity (pH value: 8-12) (GHS05) the product may cause corrosion to aluminium surfaces or parts!

Packaging: Packed and supplied in 1 litre paper tubes, 20 litre plastic buckets, 60-100-200 litre metal drums, 600-1000 litre Raffia-based Big Bags, plastic-lined sulphate paper sacks, or 24 ton cement tank trucks.

Place of origin: EU

Fire hazard class: "C". Comply with all applicable fire safety regulations during transport, storage and processing.