EXOLINE® Protector SG- 55 In ~ 2,5 kg packaging units (concentrated active ingredient)

An agent of hydraulic binding to make highly solid watertight and frost-proof concretes:

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Benefits offered by theExoline® product family. Contains 100% natural base materials not harmful to health. No release of the material occurs by dissolution. Demolition of the concrete does not cause environmental pollution. Waterproof and water-repellent properties to increase insulation efficiency. Recommended for use where the building needs to be watertight and the goal is to find a simple, fast and permanent solution.

An important aspect is that the use of this product can replace other systems such as heavy sheets, plastic film, spreadable insulating materials and other technological solutions, which all increase the risk, cost and time of construction.

The concrete made with the additive suitable for

Fields of application:

  • After mixed with water, the "concrete" made from the additive is suitable for the construction and reconstruction of the load-bearing and wearing surfaces of old and new concrete surfaces to serve as the blinding or filling layers of concrete. Construction of highly solid watertight layers without gaps and cracks.
  • For the subbase layers of general concrete constructions, blinding concrete layers, floor heating elements, as well as the implementation of thin subbases, form blocks, sustaining walls, foundations, floor structures, crown elements, pillars, stairs, surfaces exposed to weather conditions, watertight and frost-resistant elements of pavements.
  • Construction, reconditioning of old and newly constructed basements, basement floors, subbases, pavements, light floor structures, balconies, rooms exposed to water, flat roofs, green roofs, underground garages, garages, tunnels.
  • Repair works on old, crumbling, worn, cracked concrete surfaces with potential material deficiencies, pavements, garage subbases, stairs, etc. from as small as 5 mm material thickness, but minimum in 2 cm thickness to achieve adequate water tightness. The actual thickness depends on the extent of future loading. For industrial use, wherever it is significantly loaded (by the use of forklift trucks, agricultural machinery, lorries, etc.), separate load-bearing surfaces can be constructed from a minimum thickness of 15 cm after the formation of appropriate layers (gravel, packed soil, rubble), with reinforcement.
  • For the construction of new concrete surfaces, the upper wearing layer suffices.
  • It is particularly suitable for the replacement of artificial resin in cases where the surface is foreseen to be exposed to extremely high temperature. The applied additive reduces the rate of surface water uptake (hydrophobic property).
  • It is also suitable for application under subbase leveling layers in order to reduce their thickness, because when the (Exoline® Protector SG-55) additive is mixed with classified sand of 0.5 mm grain size, it can be spread from a thickness of 0.5 mm.

Special properties:

  • Water tightness: XV3 (H) exposure class (Concrete standard: MSZ 4798 :2016)
  • Frost resistance: XF4 exposure class (Concrete standard: MSZ 4798 :2016)
  • Temperature resistance: Category II (+200°C+500°C
  • Resistance to water, weather impacts and frost.
  • For floors of hydraulic binding - Outdoor and indoor composition floors, in minimum 3-4 cm layer thickness depending on the design.
  • It is easy and quick to integrate.
  • Excellent wear resistance, as well as resistance to frost, oils and radiating heat.
  • With the use of the Exoline® additive, considerable quantities of cement can be saved, because the additive changes the structure of the plaster and/or concrete, and thus largely improves the solidity of construction products containing hydraulic binding components!
  • When used in concrete products (transport concretes - prefabricated concrete elements), the water tightness of the concretes remains compliant even with low compressive strength classes (C8/10 (XV2(H); C12/15 (XV2(H);C16/20 (XV3(H). When any concrete formula designed by a specialized concrete engineer is applied.
  • No need for follow-up treatment under +25°C.

Also suitable for constructing concrete structures of new houses and subsequent repair of old concrete surfaces!

Can be used independently based on our formula or mixed with the products of other manufacturers (including acclaimed brands), such as:

  • Concrete: C4, C6, C8, C12, C16, C20, C25, C30
  • Cement floor screeds 20 - 30, cement floor screeds C-30 - C-25
  • Self-levelling screeds for interior and exterior use 3 -15mm - 5 -20mm
  • Base and wall screeds
  • Dry concrete - Flex concrete - Repair and screed concrete

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Surfaces created using Exoline® Protector SG-55 can be directly covered with tiles.