Waterproof Additive

Exoline® Aqua Stop A+

Insulating and mortar plaster

Produced with reliance on nanotechnology, this universal, hydrophobic additive comes in the form of a concentrated active ingredient in 2.4 kg packaging units

High-strength for the construction of insulating, wall-drying and fireproof plasters both indoors and outdoors with hydraulic binding.

Finished plaster components: 

  • 22,5 kg - Portlant cement (32/II vagy 42/II) kompozit

  • 150 kg - Sand (0,5-1,25 mm)

  • 2,4 kg - Exoline® Aqua Stop A+

  • Consumption: 15 - 16 kg dry mortar /m2/ cm

  • Water demand: approx. 34-38 litres

Can be used independently based on our formula or mixed with the products of other manufacturers (including acclaimed brands), such as:

  • manual base plasters, machine-applied base plasters, plaster coatings, footing plasters, masonry mortars, pre-sprayers, etc.
  • construction adhesives, tile adhesives, Gres adhesives, Flex adhesives, EPS polystyrene adhesives, thermo adhesives, etc.
  • gypsum plasters, fillers and other cement-based powders

Product properties:

  • Plaster of hydraulic bonding for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is supplied in ready-mixed form and needs to be mixed only with water.
  • It is easy and quick to integrate.
  • Surfaces made with the use of Exoline® can be directly covered in tile cladding.
  • It is suitable for the application of plaster on the facades of new buildings and the follow-up repair works (insulation) of older buildings alike.