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With the application of Exoline® Aqua Stop construction products, in the area of health preservation and healing we pursue the goal to create healthy environments that are free from salting, mould and pathogens. In the same category, the temperature and water insulation capabilities of Exoline® construction products give way to energy savings and the long-term sustenance of proper conditions in buildings.

The future of our planet is considered to be our guiding line in taking efforts to minimize and ultimately eliminate the potential of environmental disasters and contaminations, reduce acidification and offer "green technology" for precision agriculture with the concurrent ban on fungicides and insecticides.

Exoline® is a multidimensional product that gives disruptive responses, solutions to the challenges posed by globalization, demographic changes, current environmental tendencies in the field of megatrends associated with technological evolution.

The Exoline®

 Reliable at high standards

in the production and distribution of hydrophobic additives made with reliance on nanotechnology from 100% natural base materials so that they feature several special characteristics at the same time, as well as the manufacturing of mortars mixed with these additives for instant use and concretes.

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Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition

2018.10. 23-25

Exoline® Aqua Stop

Exoline® Aqua Stop

Exoline® Protector SG-55




Not to be made commercially available in retail trade!

Benefits offered by the Exoline® product family. Contains 100% natural base materials not harmful to health. No release of the material occurs by dissolution. Demolition of the concrete does not cause environmental pollution. Waterproof and water-repellent properties to increase insulation efficiency. Recommended for use where the building needs to be watertight and the goal is to find a simple, fast and permanent solution.

Exoline® Olaj Stop



Exoline® Oil Stop

Oil absorbent. 100% water repellent.

Chemical-free, oil-binding, hydrophobic powder. Excellent for the removal and neutralization of oil products (crude oil, motor oil, diesel oil, petrol, vegetable oils and other oil industry products) and oil contamination from both solid covers and water surfaces.

The product is suitable for absorbing the following contamination types: crude oil, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, machine oils, hydraulic oil, cooking oils, several organic thinners or their mixtures.

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