Waterproof, water repellent and waterproof

The problem:

Nitrate, mold, fungi and salt efflorescence

Harmful effect of water in construction

One of the worst enemies of the construction industry is water (including ground water, moisture, steam and steam). These problems can appear not only in the construction of swimming pools, underground garages, bridges and tunnels, but practically everywhere where there is rain, wet soil or high humidity. The construction industry spends billions of dollars fighting water, and different technologies are used in different construction projects. Nterworld Kft. and the Exoline® product line can provide you with a solution for this!

Poor-quality or even incomplete waterproofing destroys every part of our buildings and can be harmful to our health (asthma and other respiratory diseases), as well as the current construction industry solutions are expensive, most of their technology is outdated and do not provide long-term safe protection or a solution against waterlogging . The biggest problem of humanity is that they spend on beauty care, entertainment, healthy lifestyle (sports) on almost everything, but prevention comes to mind only as a last resort. In this case, prevention can also eliminate mould, which can cause serious damage to human health in the long term. Investing in Exoline® is also an investment in health.

The power of Exoline® green technology to build a better world:

Exoline®'s green technology products provide an effective solution to water damage to buildings, such as waterlogging, saltpeter, mold and falling plaster.

The currently used construction industry solutions are expensive, outdated and do not provide long-term, effective protection against moisture. The green technology of Exoline® has many advantages: its moisture and air permeability ensures a zero-emission environment, it prevents nitrate build-up and mold, and it is also beneficial for our health in the long term. Our products are versatile as they are compatible with cement-based building materials and improve the quality of plasters and concrete, provide protection against harmful substances and increase the life of buildings and thermal insulation of walls.


Exoline® is an additive produced by our company from natural raw materials (CaO2 + Organic ingredients). Our product is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - BREATHABLE and at the same time highly water repellent (HYDROPHOBIC).

The microparticles of the Exoline® additive are extremely small, only (4 µm), which are positively charged and therefore stick to the surface of cement and sand grains, thus filling the air gaps between the grains, where water could freely seep through (pore opening, pore size distribution).

The voltages of the small particles are bipolar, - negative and positive poles - which interact with each other and thereby strengthen each other's effect. "Exoline® has a pH value (11.5 - 12.5 pH) that is compatible with most of the building materials (lime, cement)."


It is suitable for drying and keeping dry old and newly built buildings, industrial facilities, residential buildings, staircases, plinths, rooms, bathrooms, social rooms and masonry that has become wet for various reasons.

It is suitable for the renovation of old and newly built basements, basement floors, foundations, sidewalks, roads, lightweight slabs, balconies, wet areas, flat roofs - green roofs, pools, underground garages, garages, tunnels.

It can be used to insulate fire water tanks, waste water tanks, sumps, sunken water tanks against pressure and leaking water.

It is suitable for making general concrete, installation concrete, underfloor concrete for underfloor heating, thin substrates, formwork stones, retaining walls, foundations, slabs, crowns, pillars, stairs, weather-exposed surfaces, waterproof and frost-resistant concrete.

It is suitable for insulating building structures and building parts against leaking water, groundwater, and domestic water, for plastering the external and internal surfaces of base plates, pillars, retaining walls, concrete, brick, natural stone, adobe and mixed masonry with a minimum thickness of 2 - 3 cm.

It is also suitable for insulation against negative side water pressure.

It can also be effectively used in the case of a deficiency or defect in the wall insulation against soil vapor and soil moisture, or in the event of a corrected water engineering problem.

It can be used below and above the plane of the insulation, both on the outside and inside.

In the case of new buildings, it is suitable for drying and keeping dry the wet plinth below the level of the wall insulation.


Our products are compatible with all cement-based construction products!

It consists of only natural (organic) ingredients!

Makes all plaster, concrete, cement, grout, glue or leveling mortar waterproof, waterproof and water-repellent.

Improves the durability and quality parameters of plaster and concrete, as well as improves the thermal insulation of masonry! Insulating and wall drying effect!

It is breathable, thereby preventing the growth of mold and other harmful substances!

It speeds up the drying time of concrete and/or plaster

Protects reinforced concrete and steel

Bonding accelerator also has a plasticizing effect during drying!

Frost - Acid - Alkali and Oil Resistant!

Provides excellent wear resistance!

Highly resistant to strong temperature fluctuations!

Its application can save significant construction industry costs, as it replaces the previously known insulation systems almost everywhere!

Shorter formwork time, so the substantive works can start sooner!

It eliminates the need for multi-component, work-phase waterproofing materials and related construction fees!

It can be incorporated easily and quickly!

The service life of the surface made with Exoline® increases several times!

Less cement used: C22 mixed with Exoline® - strength degree C28!

Élő munkaerő, eszközök, anyag - víz, cement- felhasználás csökken!

Below 25°C, no or only partial post-treatment is required!