Factory-premixed vapour and waterproofing plaster additive

Exoline® Aqua Stop B+B

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Ready-mixed products

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Vapor and waterproof ready plaster

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Ready to use, factory pre-mixed, hydraulic bonded, universal, hydrophobic, indoor and outdoor vapor and waterproof dry mortar.


25 kg plastic bucket



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Benefits offered by Exoline® product line:

It has a unique property to use (Exoline® Aqua Stop B+B), the plaster corresponds to the highest waterproof exploration class, even with low -strength plaster.

XV3 (H) Package Class Waterproofing, in addition to providing continuous breathing to the wall.

The plaster is high in pore content and is therefore promoted, accelerates the evaporation of the plaster, making it breathable, ventilation, thus extending the life of the plaster.

Due to the content of the hydrophobic additive, the surface water consumption is low, the water repellent effect of its pore walls produces capillary depression, inhibiting moisture absorption and surface salt and mold blossom.

It improves the thermal insulation of masonry.

Its most important role is drying the wall, keeping dry and water closure.

An important feature is to use the product to change other systems, such as spreadable insulation, foils, liquid foil, heavy plates and other technologies that increase the risk, costs and time of construction.

Area of ​​use:

Old and new buildings, buildings, dwellings, industrial facilities, cellar walls, balconies, underground garages, tunnels, sewage storage, sewage storage, sewage reservoirs, reservoirs, fire storage facilities, recessed water tanks, bathrooms, bathrooms,pickling tubs, etc. for insulation of water.

It can be used effectively in the case of soil pap, deficiency, defect against soil moisture, and repaired water engineering problem.

Suitable for both positive or negative water pressure insulation.

It can be used below and above the plane of insulation, both outside and inner side.

The additive applied reduces the surface water uptake (hydrophobic property).

For new buildings, it is suitable for drying and drying the wetting plinth under the plane of wall insulation.

Suitable for the insulation of building structures, parts of the building for leaks, groundwater, use water, base plates, pillars, retaining walls, concrete, brick, natural stone, loam and mixed masonry plastering at least 2.5 cm thick.

It can be used for firing water storage, recessed water tanks, bathrooms, showers for water insulation.

Dry walls save heating costs in winter (evaporation heat).

Preparation of wall surface:

The surface, solid, plane, load bearer, shrink-free, crack free, clean, powder, oil, wax-free.It cannot have anti -stick residues.

In the plinth part, clean the thickness of the wall above wetting.Eg: (Sleep + 30cm)

The existing damaged plaster is recommended to be suppressed to brick and it is advisable to deepen the fugues a few cm with a carpenter.

Old coatings that are not firmly adherent should be removed.

The bad stone and brick pieces must be carved all the way to the hard part.

In all cases, the base surface is required.


Gradually add the bucket contents to the prescribed mixing water amount, mix the mortar with a clean (up to 600 speeds) mixer for a minimum of 5 to 6 minutes.The mortar can be mixed with both hand mixing and mixing machine.

In the event of an overdose of the mixing water, the mortar can only be thickened with the material in the original bag.

Only as much material should be mixed as we can use, depending on temperature, within 2 hours.

It is advisable to mix the contents of several bags at the same time during mixing.

The mixed material is applied to the prepared base surface in 1 layer, up to 3 cm thick with conventional masonry tools or plastering (but it is not recommended for smoothing with a wet sponge or plastic and metal devices).

During the application, care must be taken to clean.Foreign pollutants should not be included in the plaster (cigarette butts, matches, mud, etc.).

Working temperature:

Depending on the weather, spraying (watering) is recommended every 2-3 hours for a few days after processing.Sudden dehydration can greatly worsen the quality of the product.Recommended application period between + 5 ° C and + 25 ° C.+20 ° C, humid, wet weather/ area The aftercare of the plaster is not required or partially necessary.


It is recommended with a low speed concrete mixer - a mixing drum at an angle of 35 ".

Other information:

The mortar should be well mixed after a longer period of time.

The surface should be made with a wood smoothing, the use of a metal or plastic smoothing blocks the poles.

Use a vapor permeability as paint.

Tool cleaning:

Before the mortar is hardened with water.

Safety Regulations:

In the case of work with our products, the most important physical, safety, toxicology and ecological data can be found on the safety data sheet for products.Provisions for hazardous substances must be observed.

Expiration date:

It can be stored in an unopened original pack for 12 months.

Manufacturer Warranty:

For proper mixing and use - 10 years!


Hydraulic bonded indoor and outdoor use.

Highly hydrophobic water repellent

Status: Powder

pH value: 11.5 - 12.5PH

Size: 4μ

Color: white

Use temperature:-from 20C to + 370C

Working Safety Classification: XI (iritative)

Testament Department: A1

Packaging type: plastic bucket


Exoline® Aqua STOP - PAL surfaces are directly covered with cold cover.

Can be worked easily and quickly

It enhances the efficiency of insulation through its water repellent properties.The opposite pressure in a wall plastered with exoline® additive is higher than the pressure on the capillaries (capillary depression)

Improves the durability, quality parameters of the plaster and improves masonry insulation!Insulating and wall drying!

It is a ventilation, thus preventing the growth of mold, fungi and other harmful substances!

Binding accelerator is also a fluid during drying!

Frost, acid, alkaline and oil standing!

Provides excellent abrasion resistance!

It is very resistant to strong temperature fluctuations!

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