Waterproof and frost-resistant concrete additive

Exoline® Aqua Stop C+

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Waterproof and antifreeze concrete additive

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For the preparation of hydraulic bonded, universal, hydrophobic concrete additives with nanotechnology, indoor and outdoor waterproof, antifreeze concrete.


1.6 kg plastic bucket



£ 25

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Recipe recommended by Exoline®:

A bag of 25kg Portland cement (32 / II or 42 / II) composite

110kg soder (0-0,25 mm)

A plastic bucket 1.6kg Exoline® Aqua Stop C+ additive

Material Requirement: 25 kg of concrete / 1.5m2 / 1 cm

Water demand: approx.68-72 liters

Benefits offered by Exoline® product line:

Their important feature is that the product can use other systems, such as lubricated insulation, foils, liquid foil, heavy plates and other technological solutions that increase the risk of construction-costs and time.It enhances the efficiency of insulation through its insulation and water repellent properties, and it is advisable to use in all cases where the water closure of the building is important and the simple, fast and durable solution is the goal.

Benefits over conventional concrete:

Waterproof antifreeze, acid and alkaline resistant, heat -resistant, excellent thermal insulation and excellent sound insulation.

Area of ​​use:

Old and newly built, cellars, cellars, sockets, sidewalks, lightweight slabs, balconies, wet roofs - green roofs, garages, tunnels, for construction and renovation.

For general concrete, assembly concrete, floor heating concrete concrete, thin substrates, shutters, retaining walls, bases, slabs, wreaths, pillars, stairs, weather -exposed surfaces, space concrete waterproof and frost resistant.

Old dusty, worn, cracked, possibly deficient concrete, sidewalk, garage substrate, stairs, etc. .... from 5 mm of material thickness, but at least 2 cm thick to achieve good waterproofing.The dimensioning of the thickness also depends on the amount of later load.In the case of industrial use, where high use forklift, agricultural machinery, trucks, etc.After the proper stratification (gravel, rammed ground, crusher), ironing can be made by ironing at least 15 cm.

If new concrete surfaces are made, the upper abrasive layer is sufficient.

Particularly suitable for replacing the resin in cases where the surface would be exposed to extremely high temperatures.The additive used reduces the surface water uptake (hydrophobic property);

It is also suitable for reducing the thickness of the substrate equalizer under the substrate equalizers, as it mixes the (Exoline® Aqua Stop C+) additive from 0.5 mm thick with 0.5 mm grained sand.

Can be used:

Concrete: CSK, CSK, 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30

Cement Testrich 20 - 30, Cement Testrich C -30 - C25

Inner and outdoor, self -leveling substrate 3 -15mm -5 -20mm

Into a bottom and wall equilibr

Into dry concrete

Flex into concrete

To repair and balancing concrete

Mixing instructions: I.

First, mix the 25kg cement and the contents of the 1.6kg Exoline® Aqua Stop C+ plastic bucket in a mixed box "dry" into homogeneous.(In winter, the recommended cement quality is 42.5/II composite, while in the summer 32.5/II composite to provide good quality!)

Second: 1 volume (shovel) cemented with exoline® additives and (as needed) 3 - 4 volume (shovel) "general" (firing colonies, clay and mud -free) sand in normal procedure, repeated "dry" depending on the quality of the concrete mixerapprox.Stir for 3-6 minutes to homogeneous.To achieve excellent quality, use 0.5 mm of dried grade grade sand.

Third: After dry mixing, the plaster is mixed with the amount of water used in normal procedure (approx. 5-6 liters) for a minimum of 3-6 minutes.

Mixing instructions: II.

First: The Exoline® Aqua Stop C+ additive is added to any 25kg handheld base in circulation.(The contents of the 1.6kg plastic bucket can be administered into 8pcs 25kg bags.)

Second, mix the ingredients for 3-6 minutes to "dry" homogeneous.

Third, after dry mixing, the plaster is mixed with the amount of water used in normal procedure (approx. 5-6 liters) for a minimum of 3-6 minutes.

Surface preparation:

The surface, solid, plane, load bearer, shrink-free, crack free, clean, dust-tar-oil-wax-free.It cannot have anti -stick residues.

The surface of the old concrete must be cleaned.The loose, mild surface should be engraved all the way to the intact concrete.The concrete that is still intact should be rumble and washed.The old coatings that are not firmly adherent must be removed.

The training of dilatations must be carried out in accordance with the current construction standards and the dilation of the existing building.

Depending on the absorbent capacity of the base area, use a deep base.


Mix the contents of the bucket "dry" with the gravel and cement (for 3-4 minutes) and then gradually add the right amount of water.

When repairing old powdered concrete, apply a thin layer deep into the cleaned surface to help stick between the two surfaces.

Only the material should be mixed as the approx.We can use it within a 40 -minute work period.

The material can be used with traditional masonry tools.During the application, care should be taken to clean, no foreign contamination (cigarette butts, matches, mud, etc.) should be included in the material

Working temperature:

Depending on the weather above 25 ° C, spraying (watering) is recommended every 2-3 hours after concrete processing.Sudden dehydration can greatly worsen the quality of the product.Recommended application period between + 5 ° C and + 25 ° C.+20 ° C, humid, wet weather/ area The aftercare of the plaster is not required or partially necessary.


It is recommended with a low speed concrete mixer - a mixing drum at an angle of 35 ".

Other information:

The concrete must be well mixed after a longer period of time.

Tool cleaning:

Before the concrete is solidified with water.

Safety Regulations:

In the case of work with our products, the most important physical, safety, toxicology and ecological data can be found on the safety data sheet for products.Provisions for hazardous substances must be observed.

Expiration date:

It can be stored in unopened original packaging for 36 months.

Manufacturer Warranty:

For proper mixing and use - 10 years!

Product Features - Benefits:

Our products are compatible with all cement -based construction products on the market!

It consists of or from natural (organic) ingredients (ingredients).contain!

Easy and quick to work!

Binding and fluid!

Shorter Elimination Time, so meaningful work can start sooner!

Frost - acid - alkaline and oil standing!

It is very resistant to strong temperature fluctuations!

It improves the durability, quality parameters of concrete and improves the thermal insulation of concrete! It makes multi -component work -phase waterproofing materials and related construction fees unnecessary!

It can save significant construction costs as it replaces the insulating systems known so far almost everywhere!

The life content of the exoline® surface is multiplied!

Provides excellent abrasion resistance!

Less cement use (eg C22 - Exoline® mixed with C28 Strength!)

Live workforce, tools, material - water, cement - decrease, higher quality guaranteed!

Exoline® mixed in concrete does not require any other post -insulation or insulation after concreting, as the insulation is included in the concrete itself!

25C - does not require or only partially requires after -treatment!

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