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Exoline LTD. He has 20 years of experience in the production of construction industry additives, finished products and environmental protection products.

An own brand for unique technology - an efficient and economical, environmentally friendly solution! Modified technology from second-generation developments, which offers a cost-effective and professionally high-quality solution for the protection of built structures and valuable assets kept in them for 14 years, from residential buildings to complex industrial facilities. Thanks to the Exoline® hydrophobic additive, the horizontally placed sheet lining that prevents the absorption of capillary ground water can be spared, similarly to the full or partial use of other auxiliary materials (spreadable film, bitumen and other plastic-based sheets), and therefore significantly reduces the risk, costs and time of construction!

Our goal is to help our customers achieve their goals with the most favorable solutions. On our website, you can find information about our products, see a reference from us, which we constantly update, and request a price quote from us. Exoline LTD. a constantly developing, dynamic company. Our goal with our products is to make our customers fully satisfied. Contact us with confidence


During two decades of development and testing, our products have been continuously proven and achieve excellent results to this day.


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