Insulating and wall drying plaster additive

Exoline® Aqua Stop A+

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Insulating and wall-drying plaster additive

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Hydraulically bound, universal, hydrophobic additive produced with nanotechnology for the preparation of indoor and outdoor insulating, wall-drying plasters.


2.4 kg plastic bucket



£ 28

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Formulation recommended by Exoline®:

One bag of 25kg Portland cement (32/II or 42/II) composite

140kg sand (0,5-1,25 mm)

One plastic bucket of 2.4kg Exoline® Aqua Stop A+ additive

Material requirements: 15-16 kg dry mortar / m2 / cm

Water requirement: approx. 34-38 litres

Benefits offered by the Exoline® range:

In particular, our products are compatible with all commercially available cement-based building products.

The product can be used to replace other systems, such as lubricated insulations, foils, heavy-duty sheeting and other technological solutions. These technologies are outdated, expensive, require significant amounts of auxiliary materials and are highly dependent on human factors, which increases the risk, cost and time of construction.

Can be used for:

Hand-applied base coats, machine-applied base coats, plaster coatings, plaster for plinths, masonry mortars, pre-spray, etc.

Hand-applied base coats, machine-applied base coats, plaster coatings, plaster for plinths, masonry mortars, pre-spray, etc.

Plasters, fillers and other cement-based powders.

Application area:

For drying out and keeping dry old and new buildings, apartment blocks, staircases, plinths, rooms, bathrooms, social rooms and masonry that has become damp for various reasons.

The plaster made of Exoline® has favourable vapour control properties: it is a well-ventilated, breathable plaster.

It can be used effectively in the case of soil vapour, soil moisture wall insulation deficiencies, defects, repaired plumbing problems.

Suitable for both positive and negative side water pressure insulation.

It can be used both above and below the plane of the insulation, on the inside and outside.

The additive used reduces surface water absorption (hydrophobic property).

Suitable for drying out and keeping dry the damp plinth below the plane of the wall insulation in new buildings.

Suitable for insulating building structures and parts of buildings against leaking water, ground water, service water, plastering the external and internal surfaces of base plates, pillars, retaining walls, concrete, brick, masonry, adobe and mixed masonry in a minimum thickness of 2.5 cm.

It can be used for firing water storage, recessed water tanks, bathrooms, showers for water insulation.

Dry walls save heating costs in winter (evaporation heat).

Mixing instructions: I.

First, mix the 25kg cement and the 2.4kg Exoline® Aqua Stop A+ plastic bucket in a mixed box "dry" into homogeneous.(In winter, the recommended cement quality is 42.5/II composite, while in the summer 32.5/II composite to provide good quality!)

Second: 1 volume (shovel) cemented with exoline® additives and (as needed) 3 - 4 volume (shovel) "general" (firing colonies, clay and mud -free) sand in normal procedure, repeated "dry" depending on the quality of the concrete mixerapprox.Stir for 3-6 minutes to homogeneous.To achieve excellent quality, use 0.5 mm of dried grade grade sand.

Third, after dry mixing, the plaster is mixed with the amount of water used in normal procedure (approx. 5-6 liters) for a minimum of 3-6 minutes.

Mixing instructions: II.

First: The Exoline® Aqua Stop A+ additive is added to any 25kg handheld plaster in circulation.(The 2.4kg plastic bucket contents can be added to 6pcs 25kg bag.)

second,MixTheIngredientsFor36MinutesTo "dry"Homogeneous

Third: After dry mixing, the plaster is mixed with the amount of water used in normal procedure (approx. 5-6 liters) for a minimum of 3-6 minutes.

Adding lime is not recommended for the additive and finished!


It is recommended with a low speed concrete mixer - a mixing drum at an angle of 35 ".

Preparation of wall surface:

The bad stone and brick pieces must be carved all the way to the hard part.

In the plinth part, clean the thickness of the wall above wetting.Eg: (Sleep + 30cm)

It is recommended that the existing damaged plasters be crushed to brick and it is recommended to extend the spots a few cm with a carpenter.

Old coatings that are not firmly adherent should be removed.


The mortar should be applied in at least two layers, a well -adherent splash and then in a coarser layer.Make the splashed layer from a more river mortar.

The thicker mortar should be applied when the splash layer has hardened.The thick layer consists of a gentle mortar, which is spooned with a spoon on the surface, distributed and smooth it with a wood smoothing (do not use a metal smoothie, as the pores are sealed).The thickness of the complete layer of two layers should be at least 2 cm everywhere.

If the thickness of the desired layer must be greater than 2 cm, another layer can be applied after the previous layer is tightened.Drying of the plaster depends on wall surface and weather.

Working temperature:

Depending on the weather, spraying (watering) is recommended every 2-3 hours for a few days after processing.Sudden dehydration can greatly worsen the quality of the product.Recommended application period between + 5 ° C and + 25 ° C.+20 ° C, humid, wet weather/ area The aftercare of the plaster is not required or partially necessary.

Other information:

The mortar should be well mixed after a longer period of time.

The surface should be made with a wood smoothing, the use of a metal or plastic smoothing blocks the poles.

Use a vapor permeability as paint.

Tool cleaning:

Before the mortar is hardened with water.

Safety Regulations:

In the case of work with our products, the most important physical, safety, toxicology and ecological data can be found on the safety data sheet for products.Provisions for hazardous substances must be observed.

Expiration date:

It can be stored in unopened original packaging for 36 months.

Manufacturer Warranty:

For proper mixing and use - 10 years!


Hydraulic bonded indoor and outdoor use.

Highly hydrophobic water repellent

Status: Powder

pH value: 11.5 - 12.5PH

Size: 4μ

Color: white

Use temperature:-from 20C to + 370C

Working Safety Classification: XI (iritative)

Testament Department: A1

Packaging type: plastic bucket


Exoline® Aqua STOP - PAL surfaces are directly covered with cold cover.

Apply at a minimum thickness of 1-3 cm.(Publication 11m 2 / 1cm)

Can be worked easily and quickly

It enhances the efficiency of insulation through its water repellent properties.The opposite pressure in a wall plastered with exoline® additive is higher than the pressure on the capillaries (capillary depression)

Improves the durability, quality parameters of the plaster and improves masonry insulation!Insulating and wall drying!

It is a ventilation, thus preventing the growth of mold, fungi and other harmful substances!

Binding accelerator is also a fluid during drying!

Frost, acid, alkaline and oil standing!

Provides excellent abrasion resistance!

It is very resistant to strong temperature fluctuations!

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